Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 year goals.....

Well, I decided to look up my old abandoned blog and reactivate it, make some changes and publish it.  I had to try several times to get the password correct so I could access my account.

As I look over the pictures of the kids and life events, it makes me realize how fast time REALLY does go by.  In just a few short years, the kids have grown up so much, either in height or age.  One has started to drive and got a job during the fall at a local pumpkin patch, another is working on his college degree and working for the PO. and the youngest has started high school, still loves horses and is eligible to take the driving test for her learners.  Our pets have gotten older and several have passed on, and new ones have come to the farm. Several loved ones have passed on, as several new ones have been born.   I no longer have 2p's in town and I have moved on to new adventures.

Thinking back about the last few years, I realize I have dealt with a lot of health issues too.  I recovered from a bulging disc in my back after getting steroid shots in my spine, contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from an infected tick and recovered mostly, with a few issues still at hand, became anemic and froze all the time, but recovered from that after having a hysterectomy, along with some other things repaired during the surgery.

I was asked this week about what goals I have planned for 5 years from now.  I had to think about that, as in next 5 years things will be so different than today, or than 5 years ago.  If you asked my 5 years ago about it, I would have said things will be the same.  A kid in college and 2 in school.  But in the next 5 years,  Jeff and I will be starting our next chapter of life. All the kids will be in college or graduated and/or out of the house or staying at college.  The "empty nest" will be here by then.  There will be less dishes to wash, less clothes to sort and less meals to prepare.  The house will be quieter. No more electric guitars playing loudly, tv's at 2 am, ipod music blaring from a bedroom, or the arguing between siblings everyday. The bathrooms will be free each morning before work.  That is, until the weekend or holidays when they are home. In 5 years, I don't know what my goals will be.  Maybe go back to school and take a few classes, learn yoga, or finish all those scrapbooks I have been wanting to work on since I started having kids!
It can be 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 hours or 5 years, something is always changing.  It can be for the better or not. It can make you happy or sad.   Life IS always changing, make the most of it, you only have one chance.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Five eggs and six yolks

This week, my twelve year old daughter, Emma, went to the chicken coop to collect eggs for the day. When she came in she said, "well momma, we got five eggs and six yolks!" I thought for a moment and said, "huh?" When she showed me the eggs, I totally understood. We got a "double yolker" as we call it. All I can say is......POOR HEN!!!!!