Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playing on Wilow Pond

Sunday, in celebration for Jeff's birthday, we had a family day on our frozen pond. Yes, we did make sure it was safe. This winter has been the first one, in 11 years to be cold long enough, for the pond to stay frozen and to be deep enough.

We got a nice fire going to warm up by, since the temp was 28 and there was a light wind blowing. We first played a game of "curling" with a small jug type cooler and 10 plastic drinking cups. I think the jug had rocks in it for weight. Dad won, mom came in second! Whew hooo, the old ones still have it!

We sipped hot cocoa, while the children roasted their hotdogs and brats over the fire, with the apple tree sticks Jeff cut for them. The hotdogs were great the buns were however, frozen! We had soda cans on ice (the pond) too. All the dogs came down for a chance to grab a bite that was dropped. I left Bellz at the house since she is too small for the cold temps.

After eating, Jeff and the kids went back out for a round of hockey with walking sticks and a leftover frozen pumpkin from our garden. I stayed by the fire. Needless to say the pumpkin spilled its insides all over the pond!

It was a wonderful family time and we all enjoyed the memories we created.


  1. WHAT fun!!! See I should of come to visit you LOL Hugs

  2. Yes, you should have come over for some hotdogs!