Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow at the farm

What a wonderful day here on the farm! I love waking up to snow! It is so quiet and peaceful. Snow has a way of making everything beautiful. We currently have about 10 inches and it is still lightly snowing.
The birds are enjoying their new feeders I put out this week. Millie loves to roll and run in the snow. She looks like she has a bad case of dandruff on her black coat. The goats don't really like the snow and all they want to do is get out of it!
The kids collected a large bowl of snow for me to make Grandma Mae's famous snow creme. My grandmas' rules are to never make creme with the first snow fall, because the first snow "cleans out" the pollution. I don't know if that's true, but grandma always knew best, so who am I to question her! We are so glad to finally have two snows in one winter that we could have enough to make creme. After everyone got a generous scoop, we put the covered bowl back in the snow to stay frozen for later. What a nice treat to the wonderful day!


  1. Gosh I love your stories and I love you guys so much!!! I love the fact that you are raising your kids to really enjoy the "ole" things like we did when we were kids!!! Tell all HI and give our love!!!! Denise!

  2. Hello Patty wow my grandmother use to say the same thing and my mom I have not had snow ice cream in so long it is WONDERFUL!! I love the pictures of the birds in the snow.

  3. Thanks everyone. I have really enjoyed watching the birds in the snow.

  4. Beautiful photos....some of the winter things can't be matched!!!...looking forward to spring and summer though..